Link: How To Risk-Rank Raw Materials in Food Manufacturing

Analytical testing for food contaminants or authenticity is not in itself a control or QA mechanism.  It is a spot-check; a targeted verification that your control mechanisms and risk-management policies are effective.

I can help you ensure that these analytical spot-checks are targeted in an intelligent, cost-effective and risk-based manner.  Addressing the right issues, in the right materials, at the right point in the supply chain, avoiding replication of testing or certification.   Targeting  resources at the highest risk product types, raw materials, countries of origin or seasons.

There is no point undertaking testing if you do not have a pre-defined process for dealing with results.  Particularly in areas of food authenticity and fraud testing, where results are often reported as “un-typical” rather than “pass” or “fail”.  I’ve valuable experience in investigative and hypothesis-testing processes to suit both large and small companies.