For Food Manufacturers and Retailers

  • Design of risk-based testing programmes
  • How testing fits within the overall supply chain assurance system
  • Choice of appropriate test methods
  • Audit and audit preparation
  • Management of outsourced testing programmes
  • Training in authenticity/chemical safety topics
  • Interpretation of results

For Laboratories – Servicing Food and Pharmaceuticals Industries

  • Method validation and optimisation
  • Quality Management Systems design and remediation; GMP, GLP, ISO 17025
  • Investment decisions, capital equipment evaluation
  • Audit; ISO 17025 and GLP
  • Capacity-building; laboratory design and training

For Regulatory Bodies / Competent Authorities in countries trading with the EU

  • Design and practical management of National Residue Control Plans, particularly Residues of Veterinary Medicinal Products in food
  • Capacity-building; roadmaps to progress from outsourced laboratory testing to in-house capability
  • Training in EU requirements for testing plan approval, reporting of results, follow up of non-compliant results