Factsheets (archive)

Short briefing notes and presentations on topics related to food or pharmaceutical contaminants and authenticity.  Please click on the link to download your copy:

Harmonised food labelling enforcement across Europe?

Listeria – any link with reduced BAC/DDAC disinfectant use?

Risk-ranking mycotoxins by country

Food fraud analysis

Unlabelled irradiation in foods – where are the risks ?

Fipronil in eggs 

Tropane alkaloids in food

How to risk-rank raw materials in food manufacture

Colours and dyes

Authenticity of food and feed

Has the rise of free-from affected the rate of allergen labelling recalls?

Top-10 pesticide residues by country or crop

Links to my White Papers or training presentations on other sites:

Acrylamide in food (IFST Information Statement)

Use of stable isotope internal standards for mass spectrometry (White Paper)

Residues of pharmaceuticals in the environment (White Paper)

The importance of metabolites in trace organic residues analysis (White Paper)

Veterinary residues in food – EU regulation (White Paper)

Introduction to stable isotope internal standards (video presentation)

Use of stable isotope internal standards (video presentation)


Biocides vs Pesticides Regulation – Presentation to PRiF Open Meeting 2018

Allergen Management in the Retail Supply Chain – Presentation to CIEH 2018